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First Visit

  • First Visit is generally longer because of the initial intake and client file setup.

  • Don't rush. Schedule wisely to give yourself the time to rest and relax before and after the treatment.

  • Eat. do not go for acupuncture on an empty stomach, especially for appointments in the morning.

  • Wear loose clothing. loose and comfortable clothing are generally recommended for the duration of the treatment.

  • Please turn off your phone before the treatment. this is your time. make it count.


As an insured person under EHC programs, it is your responsibility to be aware of any restrictions in your program for accessing acupuncture and/or massage therapy services, and of paying any amounts over the limits of applicable. The most common restrictions seen today include:

  • a requirement for a referral from your physician to an acupuncturist and /or massage therapist before the services provided.

  • an annual cap on the amount of funding provided for acupuncture and /or massage therapy services

  • a per visit cap on payments


Please be advised that you are responsible for submitting the claim to your insurance company.


If you are unable to make an appointment, we request that you cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance via the appointment reminder you received or call 416-840-8886/647-712-5919 directly.

Charges amy apply for late cancellation or failure to notify.


Your appointment reserves the specified time (i.e. 45min, 60min, or 90min etc.) for your visit. If you arrive late for your appointment, you may only receive treatment equal to the time remaining in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours.

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