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If you want to live away from "pain-killers" in daily health care, come to try acupuncture. And more then that, from pain management to a variety of trouble-making diseases such as CFS, PMS, severe anxiety and insomnia, our acupuncturist can help you better or even get free from them.

Initial treatment                   90min           $135 *

Follow - up treatment        45min              $90 *

                                                    60min            $115 *

                                                    90min            $155 *

Cupping                                   30min              $80*

(*HST exempted)

TCM Herbal Therapy

TCM refers to Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM herbal therapy offers you advanced and in-depth solution on many diseases, especially those of long-lasting sickness. under the precise guidance fo TCM theory and philosophy, herbal formula will be prescribed based on Differentiation - a traditional way of TCM diagnosis.

Initial TCM Consultation(diagnosis, prescription, ect.)     30min    $80 *

(*Cost of herbs extra)

Therapeutic Massage

Generally, the practice includes assessment and treatment of the soft tissues and joints in order to relieve pain and/or prevent physical dysfunction of your body.

at Duo Studio, while you feel you're being treated by a pair of "powerful" bare hands, it is more than a massage - Your body is actually being charged with a special kind of Bio-energy from deeply inside if the Therapist.

45min treatment            $90 *

60min treatment          $115 *

90min treatment          $155*

120min treatment        $200*

(*HST included)

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