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David Yang, a TCM practitioner & acupuncturist registered in CTCMPAO, boasts his in-depth understanding on the theory and philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and his unique clinical practices by applying his integrated knowledge. With the help of different TCM modalities and combination, David deals with most of common and special diseases. His strong background of traditional Chines culture can also help you set up a change of lifestyle for a better prevention of health problems.


Ella Ren, a fully licensed massage therapist registered in CMTO, is proud of having built up a group of clients loyal to her services since her clinical practice in 2012. Her unique technique on common pain management can effectively make a relief of pain simply with her hands - applying a "know-how" of Swedish massage integrated with TCM Jing-Lou therapy. She has also earned an Acupuncture certificate after a program in TSTCM, which contributes to her knowledge on both theory and practice of TCM Jing-Lou.

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